Current supplements

Like I stated in my previous post, I’m being more consistent with my supplements and I wanted to share what I am currently taking. Please note, some of these are for a specific health issue I have so please don’t assume you need to take all of any of these.


What it is: Vitamin D
Why I take it: Overall health and wellness. Whenever I have gotten blood work done, my Vitamin D levels are always on the low side. Once a year I was prescribed high dose vitamin D for 12 weeks. When I was finished with those, I take over the counter supplements. If you want to add a vitamin to your daily routine, this one will be the most beneficial to overall health.
Where I bought it: Amazon


What it is: Tumeric pills
Why I take it: inflammation. I have carpal tunnel in both my hands and my flares recently have been pretty bad because of my poor health choices. I wear night time gloves but even with those, my hands end up going numb and are in pain for hours. For me, this is the easiest way for me to this herb.
Where I bought it: I got this bottle for $20 at Whole Foods

What it is: Fish Oil / Omega-3
Why I take it: inflammation. Same thing as the Tumeric, I stopped taking fish oil pills because I don’t like the size of them. I finally got over that and added these, and more fish like Salmon and sardines, into my diet.
Where I bought it: I got these for $10 at Whole Foods

What it is: L-Glutamine
Why I take it: Digestive Health. These supplements were recommended by Bethany aka Lilsipper. I have IBS and am on track to help rebuild and support my digestive health. This is my first time taking these.
Where I bought it: Amazon

What it is: D- Mannose
Why I take it: I take these this for my urinary tract health. I developed a very uncomfortable condition around 14 years ago. These were recommended again by someone on instagram with the same health issue so I decided to give it a try. From what I can remember off the top of my head, D-Mannose helps to grab any bacteria in your bladder and flush it out. I take it primarily with Fiji Water.
Where I bought it: West Coast Mint on Instagram

What it is: Zinc and Vitamin C
Why I take it: Immune Support! Something we all need right now because of Covid-19
Where I bought it: Aldi’s and they were super affordable

What it is: Rae Daily Cleanse pills
Why I take it: internal cleanse. Main ingredients in these are Chlorella, Spirulina, Tumeric and Aloe Vera. I am guilty of eating large amounts of sugar so I added these as a way to help flush out my system. I take two capsules close to bed time and by the time I’m done with breakfast, I have a BM. I’m sure these have been helping.
Where I bought it: Target

What it is: Allergy and Sinus Support
Why I take it: I got this little sample bottle to try them out because these also were recommended by Lilsipper. I tend to get a runny and stuffy nose when it gets colder so I take a couple of these every time I feel like those symptoms are acting up.
Where I bought it: Amazon


What it is: Probiotics for lady parts
Why I take it: I got these just to help cleanse the sugar out of my system, especially urinary tract. I haven’t started these yet because I just got them yesterday but I will start taking them soon.
Where I bought it: Target

And that’s it for vitamin and supplements right now! I’ll be making a post about the supplements I add to my food like bone gelatin and collagen and why I take them, so keep a lookout for that soon.

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