Holding Myself Accountable

This is something I’ve always had a hard time doing, holding myself accountable. Right now, as we approach the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF THE 2 WEEK STAY AT HOME ORDER, it is something I need to do more than ever. I need to hold myself accountable for not taking care of my health or my body for a whole year.

I don’t want to go into detail about how 2020 went. What I will say though, is that I let myself go. I let my mental health control me, and that meant, eating, a lot. A lot of things I shouldn’t be eating due to my health issues. I gained over 20 pounds and haven’t been able to drop a single pound, and that’s all because of my own actions.

I am at the heaviest I have ever been in my entire life. What sucks the most is I was an avid Spinner for over 2.5 years, up until the stay at home order took effect. I belonged to a private spin studio and at one point, was going everyday, or taking back to back classes. I had a routine, I had something to look forward to that was beneficial to my health.

I kept up with in the beginning, I got a spin bike, and was taking classes on instagram live and zoom with my spin instructors, but the motivation went away due to other things going on.

Currently, its been a while since I’ve actually rode my bike. And the effects are starting to hit me hard. I’ve gained so much weight that literally none of my clothes fit. I feel like I get more and more bloated every day, I have headaches one and off and sometimes feel spaced out. My skin is itchy (which I noticed if an effect of having too much sugar). My entire back hurts. My Carpal tunnel has gotten worse, especially at night. The list can go on and on, and I can’t forget, I am now in my thirties, and it’s going to be even more hard more to lose weight.

If I don’t hold myself accountable, right now a year after all this started, I doubt I ever will. So here we are! The beginning of my getting healthy journey. No more excuses. Here are the steps I’m going to taking:

Cutting down on Bad carbs! For me, that’s pasta and bread. I really like to have bread for breakfast with my eggs, so I’m still allowing myself a slice or two in the morning. For my pasta cravings, going to stick to gluten-free or carb-free options. I know my stomach will thank me!

Making my coffee healthy! The past couple days I’ve been making my coffee the way Lilsipper on instagram makes hers. I noticed both days, I stayed full longer and didn’t find myself snacking or thinking of food for hours. I usually add a ton of vanilla almond milk creamer so not having all that sugar in my morning will help me feel better the rest of the day, like I do today!

Taking my supplements! And taking a lot of them. This is something I always have trouble with, keeping up with taking my supplements everyday. I think I’m going to make a separate post that goes into more details about what I’m taking and why I’m taking them.

Protein Shakes, but make them thick, and make them a meal! My protein shakes used to always consist of Vanilla flavored Almond Milk, Protein powder (currently Nuezest Lilsipper edition), a banana and ice. Last year I started adding frozen dark cherries. When I would drink my protein shakes like this, I noticed I was still hungry after I finished it. The protein shake I made today for lunch filled me up and kept me full! I swapped out the almond milk for Greek Fage yogurt, and added a few extras.

Make more filling meals! I had the sudden urge today to organize our canned goods. While doing this, I realized I had cans upon cans of beans and tomatoes. I pulled down my Crockpot I had yet to use, and made a 3 bean “Chili”. It was the perfect treat for a filling dinner. It was quick to throw together, and required no cleanup besides throwing away a bunch of cans! Hopefully that’s enough motivation to do this every day!

Make my sweets and make the healthy! This means no more white flour or granulated sugar. When I bake my own sweets, I tend to eat less, which is a pretty deal because I have a major sweet tooth. Yesterday, I made almond flour cookies with Monkfruit sweetener instead of sugar and today I make Paleo fudge from Meowmeix snack ideas e-book. A few bites of each left me very satisfied.

Stopping my late my binges. I am currently writing this at 11:08pm and my stomach is starting to growl from hunger. Normally I would give in and binge but I’m so proud of all the right choices I made today, that I don’t want to ruin that.

Make working out a priority again! I miss working out, period. Of course, I take walks everyday because of my dog, but that’s not enough for me. I have all the tools, I just need to use them.

Self care is the best care! I have to confess that I barely wear makeup now and for a while I wasn’t doing my skincare routine like I usually did. Time to get back into that habit and making sure I wear my sunscreen.

Focus on my hobbies, including my website! I didn’t update my page for pretty much the entire year. I want to change that.

That’s it for now! It felt good to finally type this up. That’s been something I’ve been avoiding because I have a hard time putting my thoughts into words. But now that’s its finally typed up and made public, I have no choice, but to MAKE. MYSELF. ACCOUNTABLE.

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