NGTeco Baby Monitor

First of f I would like to state thank I purchased these at a discount for an honest review. I have been looking for a different security cameras for a while now and haven’t been able to find the right one. I needed one for both the outside of the house and inside my room where I keep my German shepherd puppy. I came across this brand and purchased a small security camera and an outdoor camera right away. Installation was easy for both of them. The only difficult part was getting the camera connected to the phone via Bluetooth in the very beginning. The company has its own app and you were able to see and speak in real time. It also has night vision so I can properly see what my dog is doing in the dark. When I am able to speak, there is no static and is very clear. You were able to have full conversations through the microphone. The outdoor camera is also waterproof and works perfectly fine after a heavy storm that we had a few weeks ago. Not only is the quality of the app and the picture very good but it is less than half the price of its well-known competitors.

To purchase one for your own, CHECK OUT THEIR WEBSITE

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