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Since I’ve joined the eyewear club a couple years ago (no more bragging about having 20/20 vision), I’ve been on the search for cute frames that would fit my lifestyle and my face shape. Recently I came across a website called Firmoo that offers eyewear in unique and traditional styles that are affordable and I’ve been lucky enough to partner with them. They not only offer eyeglasses, but you’re able to customize the lenses, which means you have the option to get your prescription, tinted and even blue light blocking lenses.

I picked up a basic pair of eyeglasses with normal lenses to test the shape out. I have a slightly rounded face so I was looking for a smaller pair that would not emphasize that. As for the lenses, I decided to just stick with the basic ones for now. When I’m ready to get lenses with my prescription, I can easily do so on their website, which is great since I’m trying to stay away from the hospital during the pandemic.  I get my vision checked at Kaiser and they were helpful enough to send me the prescription so I can have them for future reference.

The eyewear themselves are pretty durable. They don’t feel like those cheap glasses you can get as a grocery or department store. They also come with the carrying bag that doubles as a cleansing cloth, which comes in handy now since my glasses always fog up and get dirty from wearing a mask all day.

If you’re not sure where to start when you’re shopping for eyewear, Firmoo has you covered. On their website they have a lot of resources on how to find the right pair, including finding your face shape and how to measure for the right fit. They have also a page that helps you read your prescription.

My favorite part of partnering when them is that they are offering my readers a free pair of frames for first time shoppers! Click URL  and use code “AUFFF” to get one right now!  Shipping fee is not included but I received my glasses in a couple days after purchase so even during the pandemic, they work fast to get your order out.


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