April Birchbox

I received my April Birchbox a couple of days ago and just got around to taking some pictures. Here are the content. I’m going to be honest, I’m not exactly pleased with this months box. The only thing I was happy about was the lip balm, very nourishing.. But the color is a little off for my skin tone. I’ll post a picture of the color tomorrow. I tried one of the wipes before my workout to take off my makeup, Didn’t really work well to take it off but they do smell good and didn’t really irritate my eyes. I would recommend them more for before bed, or in the morning. I’m looking forward to trying the detergent next week since I use hypoallergenic soaps right now. The Befine contained samples of a face wash and spf moisturizer, and I haven’t worn the Perfume yet, I’m still working on my Juicy Couture sample (that I’ve been compliment on.) I’ll try to write a review for the contents by next week.

3 thoughts on “April Birchbox

      1. Natasha Spark

        Booo 😦 well they’re giving everyone 100 birchbox points which is the same as $10, so make sure to do the survey they send in the email to get them! And if you give feedback on all the products in your box you get more points too. Next month is the gossip girl box! So I hope it’s better for everyone 🙂


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